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About Trajano


After graduating from La Plata University, Argentina as a Visual Communication Designer, I started my journey into the industry in Buenos Aires, working for different companies and in different fields from Graphic design to visual effects passing through motion graphics for broadcasting as well. He worked for Endemol Argentina, Artear, Fox, visual effects at Non-Stop, 100 Bares, and others.


In 2008, he moved to New-Zealand and started working in motion design studios and advertising companies like Brandspank, 99, TV ONE, Ogilvy, and others. 

From 2015 until 2019, he made a change and got into teaching, and worked for Media Design School in the Bachelor of Media Design, where he was in charge of the motion design area of the department. 

Now he keeps developing his skills in areas like 3D and animation to give to waters and different elements.

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